David Krooshof

A Posing Sensitive Guitar

Guitar players do all sorts of movements with their guitars, that, unless you are really feedbacking hard in front of a large amp, do next to zero to their guitar sound. It is just posing. I decided I want these movements to actually matter.

I taped a wii-game-controller to the headstock. This device sends position data to my computer, and in the computer, it controls the standard effectsd like distortion and wah. But it can also be taken a step further.

Jimi Hendrix often reversed the timing of his solos on his records. As did John Frusciante on Blood Sugar Sex Magic by the RHCP. With a computer, this can be done live, on the fly.

It is very hard to time, though. But isn't it cool to hold the guitar upside down, and everything you played earlier falls out of it, backwards?

A Posing Sensitive Guitar

This reverse effect is still present on my guitar pedal board, as is the effect that everything can come to a grinding halt, that you can see in this video too. But not with a cool controller like this. It's just a stupid pedal. It has been on my list to make that, though. I did not want to be with my computer on stage anymore, but in today's world, a Raspberry Pi can be sacrificed to just do a task like this and not do any emails or Teams.

I's been too long. This project is overdue. That dog is just a few months old in that video. She's nearly 16 now. She was only sleeping at that moment because she had been acting out for hours before that. Right now Baloe is only sleeping because she acted out all these years before.