David Krooshof

3D analog Loreo camera

The following photos were taken with a Loreo 3D stereo MK II camera. It is completely plastic, but it being the second version, it has triplet lenses rather than meniscus lenses like the first edition.

It shoots two images on one 35mm wide frame, on 135 film. The film curves in an odd way through the camera. Both the curved film plane and the very basic operation, makes me think of the Agfa Clack. Shutter time is always 1/60. Lens is F16, and if you open the flash, F11. That's it. No further controls. So basically, the recipe is to always use the flash.

  • The Loreo camera that has the allure of a DeLorean. Next to it, the more than a century old viewer, that sparked this current fascination.
  • My 16 year old dog Baloe on her default round. Some old, small houses behind her, with yellow bricks. So not much color contrast with the black and tan dog. A blue car to the right behind the dog is a bit of a pity.
  • Baloe in front of the church I live in, looking underneath a fence. We’re on the other side of that fence.
  • A sudden rainstorm blew a bike over. We are overlooking a wide bridge over a gate in the canal in front of our school. People in the distance walk in the rain. One has a big umbrella.
  • Mime students. Don’t make the mistake to think that had anything to do with white gloves and fake glass walls. It’s physical theatre, often with very earthy decors.
  • Two of our lovely students. One is looking at the camera, the student in the back looks to the right, off camera. Color corrected a bit for the harsh frontal flash.
  • Our lovely talented students Maud and Wael presenting fruits and cookies. There is a third face on the apple bag. Best 3D effect on this roll.

From the first roll I shot with this camera. The Hema (Fuji) mixed up my photos with somebody else's and it took two weeks to correct this. But I got them!

I will expand this page with other photos I took with this camera.